Connecting the Past to Future BPS Success

The Bellevue Public Schools Foundation Alumni Association is comprised of BPS alumni, friends and supporters of all kinds.
You are the Bellevue Public Schools’ greatest pride and richest tradition. The Alumni Association works to reconnect alumni with classmates in a variety of meaningful ways by:

  • Building and maintaining a database to assist class representatives with reunion planning
  • Sponsoring events to rekindle friendships between alumni and friends
  • Fundraising to provide monetary support to achieve excellence in education

The BPS Alumni Association is an entity of the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation, a non-profit created to bridge funding gaps within the school district and provide support and programs that enhance the lives of students, educators and support staff. 

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The BPS Foundation Alumni Association is recruiting passionate volunteers to help support reunion efforts and organize special events designed to reconnect alumni and support current BPS students and initiatives. Attend an upcoming Alumni Association meeting to get involved and find out about the exciting events in the works.

The Alumni Association meets the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the Bellevue Public Schools Support Center (2820 Arboretum Drive, Bellevue). All BPS alumni are welcome to attend these open meetings.  

To volunteer with the BPS Alumni Association or to learn more about alumni reunions or events in the works, reach out to




The Bellevue Public Schools Foundation is working to build its database of BPS alumni to:

  • Aid in the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation / BPS Alumni Association outreach efforts
  • Share news of upcoming class reunions
  • Send alerts of District and BPS Foundation events
  • Offer options for support and other news of interest to BPS alums

We look forward to expanding our outreach efforts and providing opportunities for connection for Bellevue alumni!


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