2015-2016 Grant Reports

TITLE: S.M.A.R.T. (Science, Math, Art, Reading, Technology)
RECIPIENT(s): Donna Barrett
BPS BUILDING: Betz Elementary
AMOUNT: $1,500
GOAL: Add five iPads to increase technology tools for student learning engagement 
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: "As students continue practicing, the program adapts to provide individualized instruction tailored for each student’s skill level...Thank you for providing my students this technology which has helped them learn and grow."

TITLE: One School, One Book
RECIPIENT(S): Kelly Benne
BPS BUILDING: Fairview Elementary
AMOUNT: $1,500.00
PLAN:  Promote the reading of one book by the entire school with accompanying activities
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “We did decide on Charlotte’s Web for the first year and Lemonade Wars for the second year.  We are looking into having a new web with a message in every chapter.  That’s just one of the fun ideas we are planning to incorporate.”

TITLE: Stand Up to Success: Standing Desks
RECIPIENT(S): LaShanna Bernstein
BPS BUILDING: Belleaire Elementary
AMOUNT: $1,331.56
PLAN: Use standing desks to promote academic and behavioral success
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “I would highly recommend incorporating at least one standing desk in each room as an open seat for all students to use, and not as an assigned spot, as choice is key for a successful implementation.”

TITLE: IPads and Headphones: In-Room Intervention
RECIPIENT(S): Sheri Brown
BPS BUILDING: Twin Ridge Elementary
AMOUNT: $1,500.00
PLAN: Allow students to make timely corrections to increase learning
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “It is so important to show a student the correct way to do something right away when they are struggling.  Once a student has an established way to do something the wrong way, it takes more time and repetition to retrain their brain to do it the right way.  The sooner they can be shown the right way ensures that mastery can be achieved with less time and repetition.”

TITLE: Building a Diverse, Multicultural Classroom Library
RECIPIENT(S):  Tanishia Butler
BPS BUILDING:  Belleaire Elementary
AMOUNT:  $700.00
PLAN:  Infuse a diverse, multicultural perspective into the classroom
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “The grant provided a stepping-stone to bridge culture, race, and differences in a safe, child-friendly, welcoming environment free of judgement and open for understanding.”

TITLE:  Extending the Giver
RECIPIENT(S):  Jill Comcowich
BPS BUILDING:  Logan Fontenelle Middle
AMOUNT: $400.00
PLAN:  Obtain more copies of the Lois Lowry series
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “When analyzing the participants…I had kids from the Science Olympiad team and kids from my remedial reading class...What I am trying to say is that every kind of kid is interested in these books.”

TITLE:  Video Modeling for Social Skills Training
RECIPIENT(S):  Diane Crouch
BPS BUILDING: Twin Ridge Elementary
AMOUNT: $325.90
PLAN: Work with students who need speech therapy and interaction instruction
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “Teachers expressed that the videos made a very positive impact on the children.  This project allowed our teams to measure the effect of the videos so that we have data to indicate that this is a viable method to improve social skills.”

TITLE:  Indoor Garden
RECIPIENT(S):  Tony Fischer
BPS BUILDING: Bellevue West High School
AMOUNT: $825.00
PLAN:  Teach our students responsibility, patience, focus, teamwork, and develop social skills using the indoor garden
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “We were able to incorporate cross-curricular instruction by integrating math and calculating the difference between store-bought products and self-grown goods.  Students were able to see the difference when cooking healthy meals by how much you can really save.  This is an important connection for them when talking about lifelong healthy habits and budgeting.”

TITLE: Breakout EDU Boxes: All School Use
RECIPIENT(S): Danielle Gostanzik and Katie Wasser
BPS BUILDING: Twin Ridge Elementary
AMOUNT: $500.00
PLAN: Use Breakout EDU Boxes for various activities
TESTIMONAL SNIPPET: “(We) feel that it is so important for the students in our classrooms, as well as the rest of the school, to experience hands-on learning activities that encourage a wide variety of problem solving strategies in order to work toward a common goal.”

TITLE:  Ipads and Headphones: Everyday Reading
RECIPIENT(S): Kathy Harms
BPS BUILDING: Wake Robin Elementary
AMOUNT: $1,500.00
PLAN:  Increase student vocabulary and word structure
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “...the students worked in groups to create a Super Slide Video.  Our room turned into a movie set with “Action” and “Cut” being the new terms for the day.  I have never seen such great results on an Essential Objective as I did on this unit.  Once again, engagement at its finest.”

TITLE: Woods Program Technology Update
RECIPIENT(S):  Stephen Johnston and Arlen Quinn
BPS BUILDING:  Bellevue East High School
AMOUNT: $1,328.00
PLAN: Update the current Woods Program Technology with a CNC (computer numerical control) machine


TITLE: Bellevue West Book Club: One Book, One Nebraska
RECIPIENT(S):  Gladys Jones
BPS BUILDING:  Bellevue West High School
AMOUNT: $450.00
PLAN:  The Bellevue West book club would read the book selected by One Book, One Nebraska for 2016 and each student would take home a copy of the book.
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET:  “The Bellevue West book club met…to discuss the novel The Meaning of Names…by Karen Gattert Shoemaker...Each of the 31 members received their own personal copy of the book…which they are encouraged to pass on to other readers."

TITLE:  Plenty of Puzzling Opportunities
RECIPIENT(S):  Laura Lambert
BPS BUILDING:  Fort Crook Elementary
AMOUNT:  $350.00
PLAN:  Increase the problem-solving materials available to the pre-school students
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “Use of the puzzles in the classroom allowed my students to practice and master many of the objectives for Development and Learning that are included in our Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment."

TITLE:  Breakout EDU
RECIPIENT(S):  Patricia Laughlin
BPS BUILDING:  Mission Middle
AMOUNT: $400.00
PLAN:  Require critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and perseverance skills
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “Students commented that they learned they must communicate with one another as a whole group in order to solve the puzzles.”

TITLE: Take the Lead and Read: Take Home Reading Program
RECIPIENT(S):  Dawn Mathis
BPS BUILDING:  Belleaire Elementary
AMOUNT:  $1,500.00
PLAN: The Take the Lead and Read program would allow ELL students to obtain fiction and non-fiction reading material on their independent reading level to take home and read with parents and siblings each night.
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: "...the grant funds affected 29 ELL students, with additional former ELL students and students in the community reading the take home books. After receiving state testing scores 8 out of 9 intermediate ELL students met or exceeded the state reading standards."

TITLE:  BPS Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Opportunities for Intermediate Students
RECIPIENT(S):  Garrett Sims, Darin Toelle, Christina Reicks, Timothy Kruger, Megan Kinen
BPS BUILDING:  BPS Summer School Fairview Elementary
AMOUNT:  $1500.00
PLAN:  Continue facilitating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Camps that are currently available for exiting 5th and 6th grade students

TITLE:  Accelerated Reading Program
RECIPIENT(S):  Melissa Sindelar
BPS BUILDING:  Bertha Barber
AMOUNT: $1,500.00
PLAN:  Continue using the Accelerated Reading Program
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “We have found this program to be very successful at our school for promoting not only reading but also for teaching students the important goal of setting and completing a goal.  This program has been successful in promoting reading outside of the curriculum and exposing our students to many books (and many different genres of books).  Our library circulation has greatly increased since the implementation of this program.”

TITLE:  Increasing Independent Reading for English Language Learners
RECIPIENT(S):  Megan Steil
AMOUNT:  $250.00
PLAN:  Increase independent reading for elementary English Language Learners
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “I ordered Scholastic Take Home book packs...and they each came with an activity that the student could complete to show that they had read the book.  This also gave me a chance to gauge how much they learned from the book as well as to explain any concepts with which they appeared to struggle."

TITLE:  LittleBits of Innovation
RECIPIENT(S):  Laura Swanson
BPS BUILDING: Elementary High Ability Learners
AMOUNT: $1,000.00
PLAN:  Develop students’ interest in STEM-related subjects in an engaging and cooperative learning environment
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET:  “These sets provided the tools for the active engagement our students need to internalize learning by collaborating and creating solutions for real-world problems. Students utilized technology, science, and math skills while engineering their solutions, as well as skills from other content areas. Literacy skills improved as students documented the process and their attempts to solve problems. Listening and speaking were essential for communication and teamwork. Students had to be innovative, creative, and original when constructing their designs.”

TITLE:  Makerspace/Creation Lab
RECIPIENT(S):  Amy Tasich
BPS BUILDING:  Lewis and Clark Middle
AMOUNT: $1,500.00
PLAN:  Allow students outlets for their creativity and to encourage production instead of just consumption of ideas
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “...a Taste of Makerspace Event...allowed the students to try out a variety of materials we have in the Makerspace and the Legos and LittleBits were the big hits of the day!  LittleBits are electronic building blocks, so they allow students to create projects that are motorized.”

TITLE:  Lightning Thief Theater Performance
RECIPIENT(S):  Amanda Wallar and Danielle Matras
BPS BUILDING:  Logan Fontenelle Middle School
AMOUNT:  $853.25
PLAN: Our students will be completing a unit on Greek mythology, which includes a study of the novel The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Teachers...rarely have an opportunity to provide students with a live performance by a professional touring company to bring the text to life.
"...more than half of the students stated that the trip to the Rose Theater was to be their first experience viewing any live theatrical production. Needless to say the students and staff were all very excited for the opportunity to participate in this unique curricular activity...We thank [the Bellevue Public Schools Foundation] for seeing this as a worthwhile activity, and awarding such a generous grant to benefit the students at Logan Middle School."

RECIPIENT(S): Mary Walters and Julie Valentine
BPS BUILDING:  Early Childhood Center
AMOUNT: $1,500
PLAN: To increase the interactive STEM activities at the ECC
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: “Already it is easy to measure the success of the newly acquired materials.  Observing students in action shows them investigating and engaging in experiences.  And most pleasing to see is the parental involvement that comes along with the novelty of these resources, as well as the genuine curiosity of both adult and child."

TITLE:  Real World Math in the Hands of the BEAST
RECIPIENT(S):  Cynthia Watts, Chad Mustard, Chas Bush
BPS BUILDING:  Bellevue East High School
AMOUNT:  $1,000.00
PLAN:  Use hands on activities to increase basic understanding of Geometry concepts by exposing students to meaningful activities related to the current Geometry curriculum

TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET:  "[One example] included purchasing gumdrops and toothpicks so students could...create 3-dimensional figures that demonstrated knowledge of vertices, edges and faces of solid figures...There were many "aha" moments as students were able to extend their knowledge and ease their anxiety of different Geometry concepts through hands on experiences."

TITLE: School-wide Behavior Screener and Intervention
RECIPIENT(S): Kerri Rothanzl
AMOUNT: $750.00
PLAN: Purchase curriculum for use in small group counseling, behavior support, and consultation
TESTIMONIAL SNIPPET: "In the fall, I will partner with this Kindergarten teacher to plan and implement the 25 lessons over the course of the school year. It is my hope that the implementation of this Tier 1 social‐emotional curriculum will prevent problem behaviors in Kindergarteners."